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Check out this new trailer for: The Bounty Hunter Code
If you're quick on the pause button, you'll get to see all kinds of artistic goodies from me. Also some 1st official appearances of certain characters and Mandalorian gear.

The Bounty Hunter Code Trailer
I'm pretty wound up about this.
This is a hard enough job without people constantly ripping off your work. They do things that I'm not allowed to do myself (legally understandable).  Most of it seems to be Star Wars art. Today, I was looking at a friend's art prints and there was a 'suggested' portion on this site where I noticed something familiar. Obvious, subtle changes had been done, but these are from my art.
Joker/Batman Swipe
Here's a link to my JOKER art, which happens to be one of THE most popular pieces in my DA Gallery. The BATMAN portion even appears to be from a another piece I did.
..and MY Batman

As far a my STAR WARS stuff. Lucasfilm Legal seems to have take care of (at least) 1 etsy gallery, but these people keep popping up under different names. They even kept my signature on them.
Star Wars RipOff
Come see me at CECE's "CHICAGO HAS TALENT' Show, this weekend. Saturday & Sunday.
50% of ALL sales at my table will benefit The Pediatric Oncology Treasure Chest Foundation!
Providing Toys & Smiles to Kids with Cancer.
I'll have Special Prints, Original Art, including art produced at the show.
Also ask to see a special preview of never before seen Original STAR WARS Art for upcoming projects.
Hope to see you there!
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Promo Video
I've had to cancel my appearance at HeroesCon.  This is such a great show and I'm really, really bummed about it. It was just unavoidable. Back to my cave. I'll catch up on emails soon, people. You're all awesome.…
New interview about the upcoming book, Federation: The First 150 years.  With myself and fellow artist, Cat Staggs.…
August 23-26 Star Wars Celebration VI…
Orange County Convention Center
Orlando, Florida
Pre-Ordering My Print: C6 attendee Print Pre-Orders will Begin August 1st and go through the 15th here: